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Mayvil Services, a medical transcription company in existence now for more than 11 years and expanding, is an association of professionals and specialists who have been relentlessly striving to achieve excellence in providing high quality, error free transcripts, at a very low price.

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Mayvil Services (P) Ltd
62 Madhu Chambers, First Floor
Zone II, M.P. Nagar Bhopal-462011, Madhya Pradesh India Phone:+91 755 422 9994
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We offer you a career, not just a job

We are always on the lookout for professionals to join us for a mutually rewarding relationship. We are looking for Medical Transcriptionist and Proofreaders to work In-house at our office in Bhopal, M.P. as well as Home-based transcriptionist.

Eligibility : Knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology of Human body, medical terminology, , names of drugs, Good listening and language skills, computer skills.

Experience : 1 year experience for MT jobs and 2 years experience for QA jobs.

Why Choose Us

Experienced medical transcription specialists

Solution that processes multiple audio file formats

Rapid turnaround times

24x7 free customer service


Security & Quality

HIPAA compliant

Secure and Easy to use FTP Service

Three level quality assurance process

Comprehensive in-house training programs for ongoing staff training