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Mayvil Services, a medical transcription company in existence now for more than 11 years and expanding, is an association of professionals and specialists who have been relentlessly striving to achieve excellence in providing high quality, error free transcripts, at a very low price.

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Your audios transcribed and delivered to you in a flash.


Mayvil Services is a 100% HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)-compliant company. We adopt strict processes as per the guidelines.


98.8% accuracy is our promise, met by a stringent, three level quality check by our dedicated transcriptionists, proof-readers and analysts.


Large hospitals ranging across specialties are served by our affordable and efficient transcription services at quick turn-around times.  

About Mayvil Services

Mayvil Services, a medical transcription company in existence now for more than 11 years and is an association of professionals and specialists who have been striving to achieve excellence in providing high quality, error free transcripts, at a very low price. Our aim is to help you cut cost and enjoy a hassle-free transcription experience. We offer transcription services for all medical disciplines and specialties wherever you are located. Our list of satisfied clients and our long term association with them have been our pillars of strength. Their testimonials, commendations and appreciations have been driving our growth in the past years.

Our processes are optimized to provide transcription services with speed and accuracy. Our commitment and work ethics has made us one of the most trusted company in Medical Transcription in United States of America and Canada. At Mayvil Services work is handled by efficient medical transcriptionists to provide fast and accurate transcripts. We follow three tier transcribing system to ensure the quality that you expect.


  • Unimaginable affordable rates.

  • Web based storage/archiving with unlimited space.

  • Helping you to eliminate your hiring, administration, and ongoing training costs.

  • No infrastructure investments

  • Productivity enhancement.

  • Transcripts delivered the next business day.

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Secure transfer of transcripts

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  • Mayvilservices is a superb transcription service that has served my medical practice very well over the past several years. The quality of transcription is excellent and the turn around time is always less than a day. Their prices are affordable and they have been an asset to us. THANK YOU MAYVILSERVICES!!!!

    Robert Pearlman MD, USA (Neurologist)

  • I cannot begin to tell you how your transcription service has changed my practice over the years. The first time I tried it, I was immediately impressed by the accuracy of your reports...despite my accent
    I have now been using it for over last 10 years and I have recommended it to several of my physician-friends. Their comments have always been very positive: how professional, timely, efficient, and cost-effective it has been for them.
    I strongly recommend that you try it too. You won’t be disappointed.

    Édison Gonçalves, MD, FACP, FACE.
    Birmingham, AL, USA.(Endocrinologist)

  • I have been using Mayvilservices for transcription for several years. They always have very speedy and accurate work. They operate in a very professional manner. I have been extremely pleased with the turnaround time. If I dictate something late in the evening, it is ready and waiting for me very early the next morning. I will continue to use them for years to come.

    Dr. Richard Azrin. Ph.D, Brookwood Medical Center, Al-35209
    (Neuropsychologist and Clinical psychologist)

  • I was a very satisfied user of Mayvil Transcription Services for three years. They were always prompt, very accurate, and less expensive than local options. I am now retired, but would heartily endorse them as a transcription resource.

    Dr. Dianne Barnard, M.D. Birmingham Al-35209,
    (Cardiologist and Internist)

  • You have a great competitively priced service as you provide fast turnaround with accurate transcription over a secure link. I am very happy that you enable me to reply to my referring physicians quickly. Thanks for all your help, which is very much appreciated as you are totally reliable.

    Dr P Parekh FRCPC, Specialist Internist Calgary, Canada

  • I have been using Mayvil Services for the past several years, and it is a pleasure to recommend their services. I am a hospitalist working in various locations in northern Canada.
    I have found their services to be quick, efficient, and accurate. I've also found their invoices to be very reasonable.
    I would recommend their services to any physician in a similar type practice ,who wants a quick, efficient, and cost-effective dictation service. I am able to dictate and upload files using my iPhone. Completed dictation is then downloaded using the FTP app. It works very well.